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Doubles Golf Facilities

WNYPGA Doubles Golf Facilities

Learn more about hosting Doubles Golf at your facility this golf season.

WHAT: Doubles Golf is the re-branding of the two person 9-hole scramble format. This new game will generate more revenue for participating facilities. The Doubles Golf program was co-founded by Jack Nicklaus and the creators of PGA Junior League.


  • Relaxing: The 2-player scramble format allows teammates to accent each other’s strengths while offsetting each other’s weaknesses in their golf game.
  • Inclusive: The format encourages participation from more women, millennials, new golfers & less active members.
  • Recreational & Competitive: Golfers can compete in the Club Championship & can compete in Section/State Championship. Can be as competitive as players want it to be.
  • Innovative: Scoring system provides a rating & ranking for Doubles Golf teams.
  • Convenient: Encourages 9-hole rounds at slower times.
  • Founded in America: First accredited program conducted for amateur golfers by the PGA of America.


  • Register your golf facility as a WNYPGA Doubles Golf facility here: 
  • Utilize marketing material created by the WNYPGA and Doubles Golf committee to advertise Doubles Golf at your facility
  • Host a Doubles Golf Club Championship at your facility (i.e. a week with any tee time available to teams OR a one day event)
  • Send your top teams to compete at the WNYPGA Section/State Doubles Golf Championship
  • The WNYPGA hosts a Section/State Doubles Golf Championship then sends top teams to the National Doubles Golf U.S. Amateur Championship at the Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Florida
  • Doubles Golf provides the scoring system to rate and rank Doubles Golf teams

WHO: Doubles Golf is a way for amateur golfers to compete for a National Championship. The following divisions are eligible to compete in Doubles Golf at registered Doubles Golf facilities in Western NY.


  • Men’s Division- teams of any two men 25 years of age or older.
  • Women’s Division- teams of any two women 25 years of age or older.
  • Mixed Division- teams of one man and one woman 25 years of age or older.
  • Senior Division- teams of any two players 60 years of age or older.

Watch the short video below and visit to learn more!


Visit for more information or contact the WNYPGA Section Office for more assistance.

Read some frequently asked questions here: FAQs Sheet

Follow this step by step guide to hosting Doubles Golf at your facility: Doubles Golf Playbook


Doubles Golf Program

Suggestions for how to run Doubles Golf.

Doubles Golf Playbook

Step by step guide to hosting Doubles Golf