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What is the PGA Works Fellowship?

PGA WORKS is a strategic initiative designed to diversify the golf industry’s workforce. Funded by PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America, PGA WORKS leverages fellowships, scholarships, career exploration events, and the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship to inspire and engage talent from diverse backgrounds to pursue key employment positions across the golf industry.


The PGA WORKS Fellowship is a 10-month, full-time contract with a PGA Section to be fully immersed in the responsibilities of a Section staff member. As a Fellow, you get to experience the work behind the scenes, Player Development Programs, social media, marketing, tournament operations, and so much more. It is an initiative from PGA REACH to try and diversify the golf industry’s workforce.

Anyone who has recently graduated from college or graduate school can be a Fellow! The Fellowship is designed for underrepresented groups in golf (women, people of color, military, etc.) but everyone is encouraged to apply and be a part of the golf industry’s workforce.

PGA WORKS FELLOW responsibilities change depending on the section you go to. Some responsibilities that will carry over to every Fellowship include:

As a WORKS Fellow, you are responsible for attending monthly Fellow Meetings and meet with the PGA REACH team to discuss your career goals.

The PGA WORKS Fellowship provides you with many opportunities to enter the golf industry (including PGA Headquarters!), continue with the Section if they have a need, work at a golf course, or go to a different sport altogether! It sets you up with the resources and experiences to be successful.

  • Atlantic PGA
  • Carolinas PGA
  • Colorado PGA
  • Gateway PGA
  • Georgia PGA
  • Indiana PGA
  • Kentucky PGA
  • Metropolitan PGA
  • Michigan PGA
  • Mid Atlantic PGA
  • New Jersey PGA
  • North Florida PGA
  • North Texas PGA
  • Northern California PGA
  • Northern Ohio PGA
  • Philadelphia PGA
  • South Central PGA
  • South Florida PGA
  • Southern Ohio PGA
  • South Texas PGA
  • Western New York PGA
  • Wisconsin PGA

No! Golf experience is not required to be a PGA WORKS Fellow. In fact, two of our three Fellows at the Western New York PGA did not have any prior experience in golf.


In the golf industry, there are many opportunities to grow your career — whether that be at HQ, in a section office, working for the PGA TOUR, or working at a local golf course — there are many job openings and different types of jobs all over the industry.

Throughout the Fellowship, you do not just focus on one aspect of the industry and the skills that go into it. You may develop new skills, find new things that you enjoy or are good at, and even discover new jobs that you did not know existed around the industry.

The PGA WORKS Fellowship is prestigious in the golf world, and this resonates with other industries as well. Throughout your time as a Fellow, you are able to make tons of connections, have new experiences, and are provided with numerous resources to help you make your resume the best it can be and give you a well-rounded experience to take to your career.


As a Fellow, you are given many resources to set you up for success not only during the year of your Fellowship but after you move into the next stage of your career as well!

The Section Staff will not only be coworkers but resources as well. They will teach you everything you need to know about working in the golf industry, are always there to answer questions, and ultimately help you develop new skills and experiences throughout your Fellowship.

PGA WORKS have two amazing individuals at our headquarters in Frisco, TX that will help throughout the span of your fellowship! They help set up professional development sessions every month with a new branch of the PGA, they make individual calls with you to check in, and they help you prepare for the next stage of your career.

  • Rachel Melendez Mabee – PGA WORKS Program Lead
  • Cameron Dinkins – PGA WORKS Program Coordinator

Throughout the Fellowship, you are given access to the PGA Career Consultants and Recruitment Specialists who are here to help you in any way they can! They are experts with resumes, cover letters, interview tips, etc. to help you land your dream job.

  • Chris Kulinski, PGA — PGA Career Consultant for the Western New York Section
  • Kate Drimel, PGA — PGA Career Services Recruiting Specialist

The PGA WORKS Fellowship brings you into a network of individuals who are now working in the sports industry and started with the Fellowship! A great resource are the past Fellows who now work all over the sports industry.


Jacob Coles – Nike Specialist (2019)

Hope Warkoczeski –Assistant Golf Professional / Clubhouse Manager at Fox Hills Gold and Banquet Center (2020)

Mackenzie Culhane – Graduate Student (2021)

Taylor Hunter – Communications and Development Coordinator for Cradle Beach Inc. (2022) 

Mollie Mars – Current Western PGA WORKS Fellow (2023)