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Junior Tour

2020 WNYPGA Junior Tour



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2020 WNYPGA Junior Tour



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2020 WNYPGA Junior Tour


Required to be Read and Signed Before Members are Eligible to Compete in Events


NEW for 2020 – 36 Hole Scoring Events

36-Hole Scoring Events on the Junior Tour included in Your Membership Fee 
These scoring events are played over 2 days at 2 different locations. The player must register into both individual 18 Hole events and the scores will be combined for the 36 Hole Event Posting to Junior Golf Scoreboard. You will not receive any additional WNYPGA Junior Tour Player of the Year Points or prizes for the 36 Hole Event Posting. You will receive the Points and Prizes for the Individual 18 Hole Events. Since you are playing in 2 separate events it will count as 2 events against your membership. These 36 Hole Scoring Events are available on the following dates:

Event 1: Sunday, June 14th Pennhills Club & Monday, June 15th Conewango Valley CC

Event 2: Saturday, June 20th Downing GC & Sunday, June 21st Lake View CC

Event 3: Monday June 29th Holiday Valley & Tuesday June 30th Willowbrook GC

Event 4: Monday July 27th Webster GC & Tuesday July 28th Wild Wood CC


WNYPGA Jr Tour Membership Gift Package

  • WNYPGA Jr Tour Member Bag Tag
  • WNYPGA REACH Alignment Sticks
  • WNYPGA Hat

Junior Golf Hub Account – Free Player Profile – Free 30 Day Trial Premium Membership and Discounted Premium Membership available to our Junior PGA Tour Members. – All the info needed for aspiring college golfers – Digital Golf Resume available to over 750 College Coaches – Detailed information on over 2000 College Golf Programs and more

Enhanced Blue Golf Account – Tournament Planner, Scorecard App & College Finder

College Golf / Careers in Golf Seminar – Included in 2020 Junior Membership to learn from College Coaches and Industry Professionals.

World Golf Handicap for all Members.

2020 WNYPGA Jr Tour Member Golf Discount Card – Golf Discounts at participating facilities


The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour provides an opportunity and atmosphere for juniors to enjoy the camaraderie, friendship, and sportsmanship of competitive golf at a series of premier venues throughout the Western New York Section of the PGA of America. Players in all divisions will compete in a season-long points race to qualify for the season-ending Junior Golf Tour Championship.


The WNYPGA Junior Tour is open to juniors residing within the boundaries of the WNYPGA Section who have reached the age of 10 but will not reach their 19th birthday before August 5, 2020.

Juniors will be separated by their age on June 30th, 2020 into the following divisions:

  • Boys 16-18
  • Boys 13-15
  • Girls 16-18
  • Girls 13-15
  • Boys 9 Hole (10-12)
  • Girls 9 Hole (10-12)

Membership Information:

All registered players may register for up to 10 events (full-time) and up to 5 events (part-time). Please note: Entry into each event is on a first come, first served basis and the 10 or 5 events is NOT guaranteed.

Partial refunds while in season will only be considered if ALL events are completely booked and/or there are extraordinary personal circumstances.

  • Membership for Full Time 2020 WNYPGA Junior Tour– Max of 10 events – 18 Hole: $450.00
  • Membership for Part Time 2020 WNYPGA Junior Tour- Max 5 events – 18 Hole: $350.00
  • Membership for Full Time 2020 WNYPGA Junior Tour- Max 10 events – 9 Hole: $350.00
  • Membership for Part Time 2020 WNYPGA Junior Tour– Max of 5 events – 9 Hole: $250.00

*Each membership includes:

  • Eligibility to compete in both 18-hole and 36-hole Junior Tour Events
  • Membership package that includes alignment rods, bag tag, towel and junior pga hat
  • Access to Updated Blue Golf Tournament Account that includes scorecard app, tournament planner, yardage book app and college finder
  • World Handicap Service
  • Reduced rated on the Fore Golf Regional Tour
  • Opportunity to gain POY Points to compete in the year-end 36-hole championship

Score Limits:

We would like to remind both parents and juniors that although the tour is meant to be an enjoyable learning experience for those involved, there is a high level of competitiveness. For that reason, and to help maintain a reasonable pace of play, the WNYPGA Junior Golf Program has found it necessary to implement the following policy. This policy is not in effect to discourage junior golfers, but rather to provide a competitive program in the WNYPGA Section.

120 or below

70 or below

110 or below

60 or below


In 1999 The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour was formed to provide an opportunity and atmosphere for juniors to enjoy the camaraderie, friendship, and sportsmanship of competitive golf at a series of premier venues throughout the Western New York Section of the PGA of America. Since the conception of The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour it has grown from 10 annual events to the current schedule of 36 events. Annually the membership is between 200 – 250 junior golfers that play approximately 2,000 rounds of competitive golf. Since 1999 it has had over 4,500 members and over 25,000 rounds! It is recognized by Junior Golf Hub and Junior Golf Scoreboard two of the leading Junior Golf organizations in the country. The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour is the leader; most recognized and respected Junior Golf Competition in Western New York and we will continue to improve “The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour Experience”. The WNYPGA Section is Most Proud of the fact that we have touched the lives of so many young ladies and gentlemen over the past 21 years. Through the Game of Golf we have instilled the life skills of honesty, integrity, competitiveness and camaraderie.

We are proud to boast a list of New York State Men’s and Women’s Champions that graduated from the WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour:

2004 Matt Thomas
2009 Yaroslav Merkulov
2012 Domenic Bozelli

2006 Andrew DiBitetto
2010 Renee Sobolewski
2013 Matt Stasiak

2008 Jeff Wolniewicz
2011 Dominic Bozelli
2013 Jenna Hoecker

In 2016 one of our past WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour Member’s Dominic Bozelli won a event and gained full exemption to the 2017 PGA Tour!

For questions or more information about the Junior Tour program, contact Junior Golf and Player Development Director Bob Ashley, PGA at 716-707-3818 or email