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Freed Maxick driving the WNYPGA Junior Tour

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The WNYPGA Junior Tour is home to one of the largest Junior Golf programs in the region. Each year, the Junior Program serves nearly 250 Junior Members and their families. The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour provides an opportunity and atmosphere for juniors to enjoy the camaraderie, friendship, and sportsmanship of competitive golf at a series of premier venues throughout the Western New York PGA Section. Since its inception in 1999, the WNYPGA Junior Tour has conducted over 20,000 rounds of golf. Players in all divisions will compete in a season-long points race to qualify for the season-ending Junior Golf Tour Championship. The WNYPGA Junior Tour offers several age groups and provides 9 Hole and 18 Hole options to best fit each junior’s skill level and help them to reach their competitive goals and the development of their golf game.  The Tour’s main mission is to promote the growth of the game and is open to all skill levels of golfers.



ELIGIBILITY: The WNYPGA Junior Tour is open to juniors residing within the boundaries of the WNYPGA Section, members of the BDGA and/or members of the RDGA who have reached the age of 10 yrs but will not reach their 19th birthday before August 1, 2023

Divisions & Yardages based on ADM model:

  • Boys 16-18 yrs: up to 7,200 yds
  • Boys 13-15 yrs: up to 6,400 yds
  • Girls 16-18 yrs: up to 6,400 yds
  • Girls 13-15 yrs: up to 5,800 yds
  • Boys 9 Hole (10-12 yrs): up to 5,500 yds
  • Girls 9 Hole (10-12 yrs): up to 4,750 yds

*Age as of June 30th, 2023 will determine age division placement.




  • Play some of the best courses in WNY 
  • Develop your golf knowledge
  • Competition to fit each golfer’s skill level
  • Make lifetime friends and have fun!

Tour Membership fee $149.00 (non-refundable) per player regardless of division

  • Unlimited access to Junior Tour events with paid entry fee
  • Tour Swag
  • Access to World Golf Handicap
  • Junior Golf Hub & Junior Scoreboard
  • Player of the Year Eligibility

Junior Tour Membership Fee

Junior Tour Event Fees:

Players will register for each event they would like to participate in.  There is no limit to the number of events they can participate in.  See event pricing below:

  • $60.00 / 18-hole event
  • $35.00 / 9-hole event
  • $120.00 / 36-hole event

Tournament Event Fee 




9 Hole Division:

The 9 Hole Division introduces the beginner golfer to tournament play. The goal of the 9 Hole Division is to prepare golfers for moving up the tournament ladder. This division is designed for the golfer that is not yet at the 18 Hole Division level but is ready to start competitive golf.

Divisions & Yardages based on ADM model:

  • Boys 9 Hole (10-12 yrs): up to 5,500 yds
  • Girls 9 Hole (10-12 yrs): up to 4,750 yds
  • Score Limits: Boys and Girls must average below 70 for 9 holes.

Caddies: Caddies are not allowed.  Players must carry their own clubs or use a push/pull cart.

Awards: Medals awarded to top three finishers & Player of the Year points for all who turn in a scorecard.

9 Hole Eligible Event Types:

  • Single day 9-hole events 
  • Players who place in the top of the Player of the Year Points race following the July 27th event at Mendon G.C. will be invited to the Tour Championship on August 7th & 8th at Stafford C.C.

18 Hole Division:

The 18-Hole Division provides professionally run 18-hole and 36-hole events for the golfer looking to grow in their tournament experience.

Divisions & Yardages based on ADM model:

  • Boys 16-18 yrs: up to 7,200 yds
  • Boys 13-15 yrs: up to 6,400 yds
  • Girls 16-18 yrs: up to 6,400 yds
  • Girls 13-15 yrs: up to 5,800 yd

Score Limits: Maintain a stroke average below 120.

Caddies: Caddies are not allowed.  Players must carry their own clubs or use a push/pull cart.

Awards: Medals awarded to top three finishers & Player of the Year points for all who turn in a scorecard.

  • 18 Hole Events: Medals awarded to top three finishers
  • 36 Hole Events: Trophies awarded to top two finishers and double Player of the Year Points
  • Player of the Year points for all who who turn in a scorecard
  • 36 Hole Majors are subject to receiving JGS, GJGR and potential AJGA Performance Based Entry Stars (AJGA are not guaranteed).
  • All 36 Events results are sent to the National Junior Golf Scoreboard and Junior Golf Hub’s college recruiting platform.
  • & MORE!

18 Hole Eligible Event Types:

  • Single day 18 hole events
  • 36 Hole Majors, season dependent
  • Qualifying juniors may be invited to any of the following events:
    • WNYPGA Junior Tour Final Championship @ Stafford Country Club (Aug. 7 & 8, 2023)

Player Expectations 

The following expectations, clearly stated in our Junior Tour Handbook will be strictly enforced moving forward at all of our events.  These expectations, when met, make for a more enjoyable experience and provide for a better learning and competitive environment.

Player Expectations: Have fun!  Develop not only your game but your people skills.  Compete fairly & honestly. Playing tournament golf requires not only a higher level of skill but a higher regard for the rules & etiquette, along with a greater commitment to being an honest competitor.  

Confrontation or bullying of any kind will result in immediate disqualification from the event with the potential for future denial from tournament entry.

When you first arrive at the course, find a Junior Tour staff member and check-in.  Confirm your start time and receive your check-in code, then you can make your way to the practice areas.

Report to the 1st tee a minimum of 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time and be ready to tee off. This will allow the starter to make necessary adjustments to pairings if required. You should bring any spectators with you as well, for review of Spectator Expectations.

Pace of play is key!  You want to keep pace with the group in front of you.  Tough holes happen and you will fall behind at times however, it is the group’s responsibility to catch back up.  Course management goes a long way in keeping pace with the group in front of you.  Tour staff will be monitoring play throughout the event and most times you will see us with a smile and a wave to indicate all is good.  We will stop and ask a group to work towards getting back into position with the group in front of them if out of position. We most likely will check back a few holes later to see how a slower group has progressed in catching up.  

As players, you are responsible for your spectators.  Your spectators must never be in the fairway.  They must remain in the rough and at least a shot ahead of your group, only exception to this is helping to find a lost ball, however, once found or declared lost and the appropriate steps taken to correct, they should return to staying a shot ahead.  You should be taking no advice from them. Remember:  penalties or disqualifications could occur.

**  Think of it this way, no one ever saw Tiger’s dad walking down the middle of the fairway with him! **

Tournament Rules:

The WNYPGA Junior Tour is a strong believer and advocates for fair play and competition for all.  And one of the best ways to achieve that is by having our players know the Rules of Golf and how they pertain to tournament golf while playing in our Tour events.  It is the player’s responsibility to know the rules. Spectators are not to be used as rules officials.

NEW:  Beginning in the 2023 season each player will be required to take a written rules-etiquette-course
management encompassing test to be eligible for PLAYER OF THE YEAR.  This will be an “open book” test focusing on the most common rules and situations players will encounter.  They can and are actually encouraged to use the USGA Rules app to complete the test.  Copies of the test will be available at each event after play, by asking a Junior Tour staff member for a copy.  Once the test is taken, they will return it to the staff member.  It may or may not be possible for grading to take place at that event due to tournament needs, but the player will be notified of their score.  When a score of 80% or higher is reached the player will receive 25 pts toward Play of the Year and become eligible for that honor.  A player may take the test multiple times to reach the 80% goal if needed. 




Spectators Expectations:

As much as we want the players to have fun, we want you to as well.  There are memories to be made during these events and we want them to be positive ones.  

* All spectators should report to the 1st tee with their player for a brief review of expectations at each event.

*Please refrain from using a cellphone on the golf course.

Spectators are to remain at least a shot ahead at all times.  As stated above the exception would be when helping to find a ball, but once the situation is settled, you must resume your appropriate positioning.  

You are not allowed to offer any advice or coaching to your player. We want our players to learn to deal with situations within themselves and within their pairings.  Scoring issues should be rectified within the pairing.

Confrontational behavior or speaking, towards a player, another spectator, or staff member will not be tolerated.  This is absolute!!  It will result in removal from the event and/or prohibition from future events.

Our staff is limited, but we will be monitoring the players and spectators as best we can during the round.  Our goal is to drive by with just a smile and a wave, if this happens it means everyone is in a great position and expectations are being met.  

The WNY PGA Junior Tour believes that by maintaining all of the above, by player and spectator, all of the players will thrive and have fun, while competing. 

Freed Maxick WNYPGA Junior Tour Qualifying Sites 2023:

May 7th, 2023 @ Glen Oak G.C.

May 27th, 2023 @ Chautaugua G.C.

The Notah Begay III Jr. Golf National Championship Series (NB3 JGNC) is a 2-stage qualifying process culminating in a 54-hole National Championship that will air on Golf Channel during a 2-hour broadcast. The Series is open to all players.

In 2023, players who qualify through the available qualifying spots below will move onto the PKB/NB3 Ohio Girls Regional Final on June 21st – 22nd at Heatherwoode GC (Girls Only) and the NB3 Ohio Boys Regional Final on July 20th – 21st at the Mill Creek GC (Boys Only). If a player is unable to make it to the Regional Finals, please contact our office at 407-675-4567 or email us at and we will transfer the player to a tournament that does work for their schedule (based on availability).

The NB3 JGNC will offer the following Qualifying Spots by Division into their respective Ohio Regional Finals:

  • Boys 16-18: 3 spots
  • Boys 13-15: 3 spots
  • Girls 16-18: 3 spots
  • Girls 13-15: 3 spots

*A player’s age division is determined by their age on May 1st and age divisions are as follows for the NB3 JGNC Series for both boys and girls: 16-18, 14-15, 12-13, and 10-11. If a player turns 14 in July of 2023, they will compete in the 12-13 Division throughout the entirety of the NB3 JGNC Series even though they may be 14 during a Local Event or Regional Final. If a player turns 14 before May 1st of 2023, then the player will compete in the 14-15 Division throughout the entirety of the NB3 JGNC Series. If your birthdate falls on May 1st and you turn 14, you will play in the 14-15 division (This age cutoff applies for all Divisions). If a player is 19 or attending College during the Local/Regional/Championship stages of the NB3 JGNC, they will not be able to participate.

Some of our WNYPGA Junior Tour Alumni

Dominic Bozzelli (Rochester, NY), Korn Ferry Tour
Gavin Hall (Rochester, NY), PGA Tour Canada
Anthony Delisanti (Buffalo, NY), NYS Boys' Amateur Champion
Will Thomson (Buffalo, NY), University of Texas