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What is PGA.Coach

  • The future of coaching.
  • A vehicle directed at the golf industry to help them understand ADM principles and how to apply them at their facilities.
  • The ultimate coaching resource app which features tools for lesson planning, notetaking and assessment tools for golfers.

What is ADM (American Development Model)?

A concerted effort between the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and its National Governing Bodies of sport to apply long-term athlete development principles in a way that resonates with the culture of sport in the United States.

How ADM works in golf?

Using ADM which is creating early, positive experiences for all athletes, will keep more players engaged and retained in our sport. Introducing the right aspects of play in a structure that is fun, engaging, and progressively challenging allows golfers of all ages to experience the challenges and joys of our sport.

Proven Success of ADM?

ADM has had proven success with the further development and improvement in participation in programs such as USA Hockey, USA Basketball and USA Lacrosse.

How does PGA.Coach Benefit the PGA Member?

  • The ADM Certificate and PGA Coach FREE mobile app will allow PGA and LPGA Professionals to evolve and adapt to the changes in the game and a new generation of players.
  • PGA.Coach resources will enable PGA Members to promote their business through our marketing services so they can sell and retain customers at an executive level.
  • For PGA Members, specific to each career track the benefits include:
    • Teaching & Coaching: Provides PGA Members with tools to better teach and market their services
    • Executive Management: Selling and retaining customers. Great coaching will retain those Members.
    • Golf Operations: Driving more play. People who play better golf, play more golf! And this comes with an increased spend in all areas of the facility.

Testimonials from WNYPGA Professionals

“ changed the way that I approached coaching the game of golf with my students.  I was able to utilize the app to track my students’ progress and share the progress with them during the sessions.  Lesson plans were recommended and I used a bunch of them with my junior students.  It was about time the PGA helped me with a useful tool that I could use on a daily basis!”

Chris, Kulinski, PGA (PGA of America Career Consultant)





“PGA.Coach has had a major influence in my approach to coaching Junior
players and preparing them for the game throughout their life. Kids will
learn more through games than through specific skill instruction. Kids
love to win and through these games, they will learn what they need to
do to win. The drills and games that are available through PGA.Coach
create your Junior Clinics for you. It takes me 5 minutes to layout an
hour long clinic. Do yourself a favor and get your certification, you’ll
be glad you did!”

-Rob Krajewski, PGA (Director of Instruction at Glen Oak Golf Course)




“As someone who has a Bachelor of Science in Education, I have seen many lesson plans.  PGA.Coach is the best lesson plan that I have seen for PGA Coaches to create both good golfers and athletes.”

-Rich Conwell, PGA (Head Golf Professional at Shorewood Country Club)


Certified PGA.Coach Professionals

Kyle Benish, PGA
Sean Lalley, PGA
Travis Geiger, PGA
Lauren Tallman, PGA
Paul Sanders, PGA
Brett Emrick, PGA
Sean Moffat, PGA
Chris Devincentis, PGA
Tim Fries, PGA
Rob Krajewski, PGA
Mike D’Agostino, PGA
Rod Blair, PGA
Tom Bolduc, PGA
Mark Lesinski

Stacy Harrower, PGA
Brian Jacobs, PGA
Greg Kaye, PGA
Robert King, PGA
Chris Kulinski, PGA
James LaBuda
Joseph Lusardi, PGA
Tom Maloney, PGA
Curtis Evanicki
Jeff Mietus, PGA
Josh Wojtaszczyk, PGA
Chip Clover, PGA
Matt Clark, PGA

Linda Opalisky, PGA
David Patronik
Patrick Phillips, PGA
Travis Perkins, PGA
James Russell
Anthony Saccomanno, PGA
Kirk Stauffer, PGA
Daniel Vanill
Jack Widger, PGA
Eric Wilson, PGA
Ric Alberico, MP PGA
Bob Ashley, PGA