East Amherst, NY – Western New York PGA Executive Director, Steven Bartkowski, joined PGA REACH partner, John Osberg, on his OZmosis Consulting Group podcast.

John Osberg is a long time volunteer, partner and supporter of PGA REACH WNY. Specifically, Osberg loves serving those who have served through our PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) WNY program. He has coached PGA HOPE clinics, participated in Doubles Golf at Glen Oak Golf Course then went on to win the Inaugural National Championship, and has formed partnerships between PGA REACH WNY and other WNY organizations.

Osberg started his company, OZmosis Consulting Group, to cast a spotlight on brands, community causes, organizations and people serving their communities in amazing ways. OZmosis Consulting Group connects organizations to create more opportunities and awareness for those groups. Osberg has a contagious energy and passion for helping others.

John Osberg has used the power of OZmosis to promote various projects his clients are developing through his podcast. During his most recent podcast, Osberg hosted WNYPGA Executive Director, Steven Bartkowski, Verde Golf Founder, Alex Villafranca, and Team F.A.S.T. Founder and PGA HOPE Ambassador, Nick Martone. The group discussed projects happening with PGA REACH WNY and the groups passion for golf. 

We invite you to view the OZmosis podcast HERE. We also thank John Osberg for inviting PGA REACH WNY to join him on his podcast. To learn more about some of the programs and initiatives of The Wetern New York PGA and PGA REACH WNY contact a Section Staff member at westernnewyork.pga.com today!