Dwayne Randall, PGA Professional at Bartlett Country Club, won Low Professional honors at the Locust Hill Country Club Pro-Am with a 4 under par 68. Michael O’Connor, PGA at Kahkwa Club was 2nd with 69. Kirk Stauffer, PGA at  Chautauqua Golf Club was 3rd with 71

The 2 Professional – 3 Amateur Team of Greg Beringer, Oak Hill CC, Tim Falkner, Crag Burn GC, Jim Groark, Charles Hetterich  and John Rooney  won the 2 Net BB of 5 Pro-Am with a 23 under par score of 121 (Players in order in photo)

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Special Thanks to Host PGA Professional, Steve Barber and the entire Staff & Membership at Locust Hill Country Club for hosting.