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98-Day 100 Hole Marathon for Charity

Host your own 100 Hole Marathon Event this 2019 Golf Season

On behalf of the Foundation Board of Trustees, we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to join our Section wide fundraiser initiative in the 98-Day 100 Hole Marathon.

PGA REACH WNY was established in 2010 with a goal of Impacting Lives Through the Game of Golf and is our way to help tell your story as a PGA Professional.  As the Foundation continues to grow, so too will the Section.

By raising funds through the 98-Day 100-hole Marathon, PGA REACH WNY Foundation has a vision to establish:

  • An indoor/outdoor learning center that would allow for year-long programming for veterans, juniors and diverse individuals alike that may otherwise not have access to golf. This also will allow access for PGA Members to practice and teach in the offseason.
  • A workforce program for our veterans to be able to earn some money while learning the trade of the golf industry.  This is the next step in helping PGA Members to find help during the summer months (at no cost to your facility).
  • A junior golf scholarship program for less fortunate individuals to be able to attend college.
  • A stable PGA Works Program with a new Works Fellow being hired on an annual basis.

In Western New York, the majority of our golf season is played between Memorial Day and Labor Day (i.e. 98 days).

PGA REACH WNY 98-Day 100-Hole Marathon for Charity Details:

  • PGA Professionals, Amateurs, Juniors Golfers are all welcome!
  • Play 100-holes of golf in one day between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • Play can be in any format the individuals choose.
  • Pledge funds through respective networks – can be lump sum, certain dollar amount per birdie, based on how long it takes, etc. We encourage you to make it fun!
  • 50% of the funds raised go to PGA REACH WNY and 50% go to another charity of your choice.

To set up the date of your event please click on the button below. A Section Staff Member will contact you to help with marketing materials.

The more we have participating, the greater the story. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

For more information on the impact that our PGA Professionals are making through PGA REACH WNY, CLICK HERE.