The mission of the Western New York Section of the Professional Golfers' Association of America is to establish the Section as a viable, valuable and visible organization in promoting the growth of golf and the advancement of the golfing professional. The Western New York Section shall be the leader in the promotion of golf, a provider of job opportunities for its members and apprentices, a professional force for members to maintain and upgrade their skill level to allow them to compete in today's business world, a leader in teaching and tournament operations, and finally a trainer of future Golf Professionals and other career positions.


When the PGA of America was formed in 1916, there were seven original sections, one of them being the Metropolitan Section, which was the entire state of New York. 


On June 3, 1925, the Western New York Section officially became a part of the PGA of America by the submission of a check from Mr. E.L. Worrell, who was affiliated with A.G. Spalding & Brothers Sports Division in Buffalo, NY.  The check was for $55, which was a $5 annual due for each of the original 11 members.

By 1929, there were 24 PGA Sections, with a total of 2,000 members, and the membership of the Western New York PGA grew to 48 professionals.  Today, there are 41 PGA Sections, with a total of over 29,000 members and apprentices.  The Western New York Section is comprised of 240 members and 30 apprentices. 

Geographically, the Western New York Section is bordered to the west and north by lakes Erie and Ontario respectively.  The southern border dips about 2 miles into Pennsylvania and includes the cities of Erie, Warren and Bradford.  The eastern border is a line that extends along and beyond NYS Route 14. There are approximately 230 golf facilities in the section. 

Until 1984, the Western New York Section was administered by the officers of the Section who had to help administer programs while also performing their duties at their clubs.  The Section now has a office building and staff located at The Fox Valley Club in Lancaster, NY.