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Buffalo Marathon

2021 Buffalo Marathon

During the annual Buffalo Marathon Week on Sunday, May 30th, 2021, partners and volunteers with PGA REACH Western NY will be running a Virtual Buffalo Marathon to raise funds and awareness for PGA REACH WNY initiatives. The team hopes to raise $25,000 from this campaign to support growth of the game initiatives. The funds raised will go to programs supporting our founding pillars: Military, Youth and Diversity/Inclusion. 
Some of our team members are life-long runners and athletes while others are not. It takes great courage to run a marathon but our team is so passionate about the work PGA REACH WNY is doing  that they are willing to go to the great lengths required to complete a marathon to raise support.
Here’s how you can help:

Donation: If you are willing and able to donate, we invite you to visit our GoFundMe Page Here: Buffalo Marathon Fundraiser

Support: If you want to show your support in a different way we invite you to share our fundraiser via Social Media, word of mouth and more! We also invite you to learn about the PGA REACH WNY Buffalo Marathon team by reading their profiles. You can follow the journey on our social media platforms:

Learn more about the 20th Anniversary of the Buffalo Marathon by visiting their website: Buffalo Marathon

Meet the Team

Steven Bartkowski

Executive Director
Western NY PGA Section

The 2021 Buffalo Marathon will be this former Division III Soccer player's first marathon. He is a member of the 2020 National Doubles Golf Men's Division Champion Team. Steven advocates for growing the game of golf and serving the golf community in Western New York. He enjoys telling the story of our PGA Professionals and leadership in the WNYPGA who through this charitable arm, PGA REACH WNY, have a mission to positively impact our communities through the game of golf. The goal through the marathon is to continue to tell their stories and the work that our WNY PGA Professionals are doing for youth, military and diverse populations.

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Justin Chatelle

Financial Advisor Associate
Ogorek Wealth Management LLC

Justin has been running seriously for about a year and a half now. He planned to run the 2020 Buffalo Marathon, which unfortunately was cancelled, but completed his entire training plan. The 2021 marathon will be Justin's first marathon. Running a marathon is a personal goal of Justin's, but he knew he wanted to support a charitable cause at the same time. Last year, Justin was talking to John Osberg, who is a family friend and both had the goal of completing a marathon to support a charitable cause. John introduced Justin to PGA REACH WNY. After looking at PGA REACH, what they do, and their mission statement, Justin realized PGA REACH is a very creative cause that he’d love to support.

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Steve Coulton

CoFounder & VP of Sales
Oncore Golf

The Buffalo Marathon will be Steve's first marathon. Being an advocate for youth and veteran programs, he is excited to represent PGA REACH WNY. He is running to support his good friend, Nick Martone, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who advocates for the PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) Program. Steve learned about PGA REACH through Oncore Golf's relationship with the WNYPGA, his good friends John Osberg and Steven Bartkowski.

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Dave Costello

Assistant Dean
School of Management
University at Buffalo

The 2021 Buffalo Marathon will be Dave's first marathon. As an avid runner Dave has had it on his bucket list to run a marathon and when Tim Fries, PGA shared the opportunity he couldn't refuse. Dave has been a great supporter of the success at Glen Oak Golf Course who is home to the WNYPGA and PGA REACH WNY. He participated in Doubles Golf this past Summer and learned from Tim about the great foundation programs growing the game of golf.

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Tim Fries, PGA

PGA Professional
Glen Oak Golf Course

Tim is a strong advocate and supporter of PGA REACH WNY. The 2021 Buffalo Marathon will be his first marathon. As an experienced PGA Professional in Western NY, Vice President on the PGA REACH Board of Trustees, and owner of Glen Oak Golf Course, Tim has advocated for programs like PGA Junior League, PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere), Special Olympics NY, PGA WORKS and so much more. He is excited to run with a great group of people who all share the passion to support growing the game of golf.

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Ryan Funk

Pro Shop Manager
Glen Oak Golf Course

Ryan is a former Men's Basketball Student-Athlete at Marist College. He is excited to run the Virtual Buffalo Marathon Event to support PGA REACH WNY. Ryan has a lot of running experience from playing sports all his life. While working at Glen Oak Golf Course, Ryan learned about PGA REACH WNY and even had the opportunity to play with a few Veterans from the PGA HOPE program. He has had the chance to see the difference golf can make in the lives of those who PGA RECAH serves so he is excited to run to support the cause.

Nick Martone

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
PGA HOPE Ambassador

Nick served in the United States Marine Corps for four years and now serves fellow veterans in the Western NY community as a National PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) Ambassador. Nick has a passion for health and wellness. He loves playing golf and creating friendships with others through the game. In fact, he has grown to love the game so much he is pursuing a career in golf as a teaching Professional. The 2021 Buffalo Marathon will be his first marathon.

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John Osberg

Founder & CEO
OZmosis Consulting

John has been an avid runner and fitness goer since he was young. He takes after his father who is a nationally ranked runner (on the list of running streaks). The 2021 Buffalo Marathon will be his first official marathon, this past December he completed his first full marathon on his own time to celebrate a year of personal growth. John is running the marathon to support an incredible cause in PGA HOPE and PGA REACH WNY that supports our military veteran heroes/heroines. He looks forward to supporting his running teammates while raising a huge awareness for the golf focused programs for the community through PGA REACH. John has known about PGA REACH for some years now, but started to get deeply involved in January 2020. Becoming close friends with incredible humans like Nick Martone, USMC and National PGA HOPE Ambassador, and having great friendships with Steven Bartkowski, Executive Director of WNY PGA and PGA REACH WNY, in addition to mentor Tim Fries, PGA, the owner of Glen Oak Golf Course have encouraged him to get more and more involved in PGA REACH.

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Bob Powlaski

Financial Specialist
Alliance Advisory Group

Bob will be running his first marathon this year to help support the PGA REACH WNY Program. His interest in running started with Basketball and then continuing the habit for personal fitness. Bob was asked to join the team by his cousin, Steven Bartkowski, and good friend, John Osberg. Now he is excited to train with the purpose of running a marathon and to work with a great group of guys to help promote the PGA REACH WNY Foundation.

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Phil Pandy

Army Veteran

The 2021 Buffalo Marathon will be Phil's third marathon. He has run seven half marathons and two marathons prior to this event. Phil is running the marathon to support the PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) Western NY program and the veteran community. He first heard about PGA HOPE through the Veterans One-Stop Center of Western NY that empowers veterans with its services. Being an Army veteran himself Phil is excited to run to support the WNY Veteran community. Pictured is Phil's family who are supportive of his passion for PGA HOPE and golf.

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Joel Shapiro

JMS Technical Solutions, Inc

The 2021 Buffalo Marathon will be Joel's second marathon. In high school, Joel was a leading champion on the Cross Country and Track teams. His first marathon was the New York City Marathon 15 years ago! When COVID-19 shutdown the state last March, he started training and focusing more on his health. John Osberg introduced Joel to the opportunity to run with the PGA REACH Buffalo Marathon Team supporting military veterans and Joel quickly said, "count me in!"

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Brad Smith, PGA

PGA Professional
Northern Ohio PGA Section

Brad Smith is a PGA Professional originally from the WNY Section and is now working in the Northern Ohio Section. This will be his first full marathon, having run two half marathons before (2019 Buffalo and Las Vegas). He decided to run in this marathon in 2020 while at the PGA Merchandise show while collaborating with Steve Bartkowski. He has been an avid supporter of PGA REACH since joining the PGA of America and saw this as a great opportunity to give back to the golfing community.

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Alex Villafranca

CEO & Founder
Arbeit Software LLC
Verde Golf

Alex has never participated in formal race but rather has been a runner on his own time for the past year and a half. The Buffalo Marathon will be his first marathon. Alex really enjoys running and the challenge of doing 26.2 miles for his first formal race seemed like a fun idea. Once he heard it was to support PGA REACH WNY, it was a no brainer for him to join the team. John Osberg introduced Alex to Nick Martone (USMC Veteran) about a year ago and they have since done some collaboration for the Buy HOPE Give HOPE Verde Golf Polo project that created custom golf polo shirts to help buy golf polo shirts for PGA HOPE Veterans in 2021.

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Justin Wainwright

Commercial Banking Manager
M&T Bank

Justin has played soccer for nearly his whole life, so after graduating college it was an easy transition to running to stay in shape. The 2021 Buffalo Marathon will be his 4th full marathon and most likely not his last. Justin enjoys the mental and physical challenge a marathon presents. The camaraderie among fellow runners is hard to put into words and when combined with a great cause to raise money and awareness for PGA HOPE and PGA REACH WNY, it makes running all the worthwhile. His best friend, Steven Bartkowski, (Executive Director of the WNYPGA and PGA REACH WNY) inspired Justin to be a part of the great cause with ihs passion for helping others.

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