Today is May 30, 2016
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WNYPGA Junior Tour Handbook 

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Member Registration
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Membership Levels:


  • Membership for Full Time 2016 WNYPGA Junior Tour – Max of 10 events
    • 18 Hole: $400.00
    • 9 Hole: $320.00


  • Membership for Part Time 2016 WNYPGA Junior Tour – Max of 5 events
    • 18 Hole: $320.00
    • 9 Hole: $250.00


Age Divisions:


  • Girls 9 Hole (10-12)
  • Girls 18 Hole (13-15)
  • Girls 18 Hole (16-18)
  • Boys 9 Hole (10-12)
  • Boys 18 Hole (13-15)
  • Boys 18 Hole (16-18)


*Eligible to juniors residing within the boundaries of the WNYPGA Section who have attained an age of 10 years, but not to have reached their 19th birthday before August 12, 2016



 A note to those interested in signing up for the 2016 Junior Tour: Please remember to look over the tournament schedule and which tournaments have availability in your age division before registering.


Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Junior Tour thus far! We currently have about 200 members signed up for the 2016 season. The WNYPGA Junior Tour is lucky to have amazing golf courses within our boundaries that are hosting Junior Tour events. We are a small section, so we encourage you to pack up your cars and travel to different courses throughout the section. We will try our very best to watch the waitlist, and to help our players get into all the events they want. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you all on the 1st tee!

2016 Member Registration is Now Open!


Want to become a member of the 2016 WNYPGA Junior Tour? Follow these simple instructions to become a member today!


1. Either register as a new member or sign into your account from a previous year by clicking on the header link up above.


2. Go through the 2016 registration process and sign up as either a part-time (5 tournaments) or full-time (10 tournaments) member.


3. Pay the fee associated with your membership - you will then receive a confirmation email solidifying you as a member.


4. Wait for your event sign-up date on either January 11, 2016 at noon (full-time) or January 18, 2016 at noon (part-time). In the meantime, you can view the tournament schedule here. We will be adding a few more tournament dates as the year goes on!


5. Once you sign-up for your tournaments, be patient if you end up on the waitlist. We will do our best to get everyone into the tournaments they want to be in.


6. After you sign-up for events, you will be good to go for your first scheduled tournament! Just fill out this paperwork and get it to us before or on the date of your first tournament.


We look forward to seeing you this spring!