Today is February 20, 2017

Golf 2.0

Golf 2.0 is a targeted, focused, long-range strategic plan for the golf industry to substantially increase the number of golfers, the rounds of golf played and the revenue generated from golf over the next decade among current and potential consumers of the game. The goal of Golf 2.0 is to increase the number of golfers from the current level of approximately 26 million to 40 million by the year 2020 while growing the relevance of golf in America.
Golf 2.0 will build toward that goal on three core strategies:
  1. Retain and Strengthen the Golfing Core;
  2. Engage the "Lapsed"; and
  3. Drive New Players.
For more information about Golf 2.0, click on the links below:
(PGALinks user name and password needed to access the links below), the website dedicated to the new strategic plan.

Active Registration Tool

Playbooks (Connecting With Her, Know Your Customer & Player Development)

Get Golf Ready

Tee it Forward

PGA Sports Academy

PGA Jr. League Golf